Digital Twin Solutions For Property Owners

Step by Step

Whether you simply use your phone’s Matterport app or their scanning specialists, a 3D model of your property will become your interface.
With SIMLAB products, you can register for free to begin digitally managing your property.
In your SIMLAB account you will be able to connect your space with our tools to manage it.
You now have a single platform to connect and operate your IoT devices, hold all information about every element of your property, and schedule maintenance.


“We have applied SIMLAB “Stages” during the interior construction phase, capturing all the asset information about the Okubo Hospital’s equipment, as well as supply and material information. We thought that it will be much easier to visualize assets by scanning with MatterportPro2 camera with Stages App during the construction, before some of the equipment such as ducts, pipes, and electrical wires get hidden by finishing walls, ceilings, and floors, etc. Even though scanning and showing assets with stages were not required at first, when the hospital management saw Stages showing all the construction stages and assets linked in immersive spaces, we have been asked to do this next year as well on all of the 6 floors. For hospital management, the accessibility of asset information has been improved significantly with easy access from 3D Building Spaces.”
Jun Inoue
Director of VDC Business Development Group, Nohara Holdings, Inc., Tokyo, Japan

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