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Utah Jazz announce new jersey patch sponsor for 2023-24 season

The Jazz have a new sponsor now that five for the fight has reached its goals

Utah Jazz Website

The Utah Jazz announced a new multi-year jersey patch sponsorship starting with LiveView Technologies (LVT).

So who is LVT? From the Utah Jazz release:

Headquartered in American Fork, LVT was founded in 2005, and since 2019 has experienced hyper growth, averaging an annual recurring revenue (ARR) year over year growth of 120 percent and expanding its workforce by 450 percent. The company’s user-friendly, enterprise life safety and security solutions quickly secure any physical environment using intelligent automation and actionable, real-time data. Many public and private industries have utilized LVT’s rapidly deployable commercial security systems, including sports, critical infrastructure, retailers, transportation, and hundreds of other customers around the United States. Earlier this year, LVT also partnered with state emergency management officials, providing them with their technology to monitor flood waters across Utah.

It was recently announced that the Utah Jazz would not have “5 For The Fight” on their jerseys and the Jazz expounded on that:

For the previous six seasons, Qualtrics had served as the Utah Jazz jersey patch sponsor and had donated its sponsorship of the patch to 5 For The Fight, the global campaign inviting everyone to donate $5 to the fight against cancer. On Tuesday, the nonprofit announced it had surpassed its initial goal of raising $50 million for cancer research. 5 For The Fight will continue to be an integral part of the Utah Jazz family by taking on a new, permanent presence at Delta Center in several different areas.

It seems reasonable that the Jazz will change jersey sponsors as contracts come and go, and it’s nice to see that 5 For The Fight will have a permanent place at Jazz games, and hopefully continues to raise money for cancer research.

As far as the fan perspective here, most fans are mostly worried that it won’t ruin the jersey and this patch has a clean look. It’s nice that it can match the color schemes of the jerseys so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. (sideeye’s the Oklahoma City Thunder)

Oklahoma City Thunder

Overall, it’s nice to see the Jazz keeping the look of the patch clean. When that eventual rebrand happens, this patch will blend in nicely.