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Utah Jazz unveil throwback uniforms and court

The 50th Jazz season will be full of nostalgia

The Utah Jazz have unveiled their classic edition uniforms for the upcoming 2023-24 season. The uniform is a throwback to the ones worn by Jazz greats Pistol Pete Maravich, Adrian Dantley, and others in the 1970s.

The purple, green, and gold colors are representative of Mardi Gras and the franchise’s origins in New Orleans. Many consider these colors to be the most iconic look for the Jazz.

Since the last offseason, we've known that these uniforms would be coming, but the surprise announcement was that a special court would go along with it. The Jazz will celebrate their 50th season and have designed a special court to match the classic uniforms and pay tribute to the team’s history.

The Utah Jazz will also host special “decade night” games throughout the season, each paying tribute to a different decade of Jazz basketball. Expect Jazz highlights, merchandise, player alumni visits, and more during these games. Some former Jazz players have already collaborated with the team in Salt Lake City for something related to this.

The season is almost here. One week from today will be media day, and training camp will begin directly after. Get ready, Jazz fans.