Sim-On evolves your traditional 2D icons to an interactive real 3D model of your property. Navigate your rooms or just click to see where the sensors and IoT devices are located. Using a smart system has never been so natural!

Do not limit yourself to just one brand of IoT sensors. Sim-On will allow you to connect many devices thanks to its support for various popular sensor & smart device platforms.



Protect your investment with digital and picture documentation. With STAGES it is extremely easy to compare a current status scan with a previous one. Using this kind of documentation, there is no place for doubts or questions.
The STAGES tool will allow you to align and compare separate 3D models of your property, add information, and more! If you want to monitor your investment, the construction process, and any potential changes at various stages of your project, this is a service dedicated for you.
Years from now you will be able to see where important installation is placed inside the wall. Just move the time slider in STAGES and you will be able to see the 2D information and 3D geometry of your property from first scan to last.