About us

SIMLAB is a technology company focused on facility digitalization. We develop software apps for home and building owners, to be used by operators and occupants of houses, offices, factories, hospitals, hotels, and multifamily residential buildings.

SIMLAB apps turn personal living spaces and working environments into multimedia digital command centers, accessible by computer, tablet, and smartphone. We empower users with interactive and intelligent digital twins of their structures, leveraging a combination of 3D models of the property, realtime data from sensors, and userdefined asset information.

SIMLAB apps allow a way to track changes in a structure. Supervise any project, maintenance, and renovation progress as well as monitor facility aging. We provide easy and intuitive digital solutions for the full life cycle of the building.

Stefan Hansson

Managing Director Simlab Nordic


Stefan has extensive knowledge and experience in senior finance and group operational roles and has worked both in big multinational companies and has been involved in setting up new start ups. The businesses he has worked in have operated in AEC/bult, digitalization and e-commerce.

Stefan Hansson will act as a Managing Director SIMLAB Nordic. He is also a member of our Global Advisory Board.

The Nordic countries were early adopters regarding digitalization of home experiences. There are a lot of companies in the field and we have already been contacted by several which want to partner with us. The list of potential customers is long and the next steps are to accelerate the sales activities, find new partners and investors to grow our market share.